Roseate Tern, Noosa

June 21, 2011

You will need to go across the river on the barge, around to the north shore, following the gravel Wallaby Track east to the beach. From there, walk around the inside of the estuary to the north spit.

There is a big, deep bog-hole along the track, which shouldn't be attempted in a standard, low-slung 2WD. Evenin a 4WD, it is likely to be difficult but you can go onto the beach and down to the bollards where traffic stops and turns around.
At the moment the tide is in neap phase, and so even at high tide you are able to walk across from the north spit to the sandbanks (west of it) where the terns happened to roost yesterday.

Jill Dening has reported a Roseate Tern on the Noosa sandbanks this afternoon. It's about 10 years since she's seen a Roseate on the Sunshine Coast.  It was picked up in a small flock of Crested, Common and Little Terns by a vaguely rosy flush on the breast. The base colour is very pale and clean grey and the tail feathers extended beyond the primaries.

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Noosa North Spit


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Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii) 1



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